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Too game Too game

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I like the melody and I like the way you play around it by adding different synths as the song progresses. There is a warm, melanchonic aura that you successfully manged to communicate. Now that you got the structure down, I would try and work it to shorten the different phases a bit, to keep suprising listeners. For example, in the intro, I would bring the second synth a little sooner (i.e. when the full drums kick back in), the strings a bit after and so on. I would love to also hear a section where the main melody subsides and you can only hear the other instruments playing, then bring the heat up slowly to finally resume the melody. All in all, it was a pleasurable listening and I enjoyed the song. Keep up the good work! And remember, opinions are subjective :)

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Desuone88 responds:

Thx for this really You say opinions are subjective but from all opinions we can get something for us. Again thx for your review.